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A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Keto Diet

It is more than likely that you already know someone in the family or close acquaintances that has already tried keto diet and seen wonderful results. It is hard to go by any fitness enthusiast’s Instagram or Facebook page without seeing tons of posts about the wonders of keto diet. While so many people practicing this new fitness plan there are still some people who have no clue about its real function. If you have already felt awkward in a public setting because of having no knowledge about this modern diet plan then this might be the right article for you.

The name of diet plan is basically based on “ketones” which are the energy molecules produced by the liver in conditions when the body is facing a sugar depletion crisis. Normally glucose is the main source of fuel for our bodies because it is very easy to be converted into physical energy required for various functions of the body. Not just heart and kidney but also brain requires a high amount of energy in order to properly operate and send required signals throughout the body. Normally our body faces a daily cycle of converting carbohydrates into energy molecules in order to survive.

Once you disrupt this system you would not only see fat reduction taking place rapidly but feel more focused because high sugar in blood normally makes us dizzy and sleepy throughout the day. If you are new to the keto diet world then make sure to check out low carb protein for ketosis as picked by now to see instant results without any major collateral damage in the body. Most diet experts instruct their clients to slowly bring their carbohydrate intake to as low as 20 grams in single day.