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Breaking Up With Your Old Mattress

We all know that everything comes with an expiry date, be it food, drinks, our air conditioning, our furniture and so on. If you have ever tried to use something when it has already past its expiration date, then you probably know that it tends to backfire. If you have ever tried an expired food item, you probably ended up with food poisoning, if you tried using a really old air conditioner, it will not do anything except blow warm air in your room and so on.

Similarly, a lot of us do not realize this but our mattresses have an expiration date too. The average life of a mattress is around 7 years, and if your mattress has gone beyond that and is 10 years old or older, then it is about time you break up with your old mattress and look for a new bedmate. You can check out comparisons of different mattress brands and models by visiting mattressbattle and looking up their reviews. However, sometimes our mattress needs to be changed before it even gets close to the 7 year mark, and we are going to be discussing a few indicators of that.

The most obvious giveaway that your mattress is not working for you anymore is if you wake up every morning with a pain in your back. Mattresses are supposes to support your spine and the rest of your body, if your mattress is not doing that job, it puts unequal pressure in different parts of your back and spine, resulting in back pain. If you happen to sleep on your side, you will also notice pain on the hip you were sleeping on. So, if you are noticing any of these signs with your mattress, it is time to part ways.