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Court Appointed Lawyer vs. Private Lawyer

Regardless of how major or minor your offence might be, you want to make sure that it does not show up on your record, and that in case of bigger offences, you get the minimum possible penalty, and the only person that can help determine the outcome of your hearing will be your lawyer. Your lawyer is basically the person that stands between you, and the judge, so they will making your case for you, and the results of the case will depend on how well they do their job.

Legally, if you cannot afford an attorney, the state will provide one for you, and that is the court appointed attorney. However, you also have the option of choosing a private attorney to represent you from any law firms in Florence SC. The best possible advice I can give you is to go for a private lawyer over a court appointed one.

It is not that the court appointed lawyers are worse than or are not as qualified as private lawyers, it’s just that they do not have as much time as a private lawyer does. Court appointed attorneys are handled multiple cases to handle at once, so they are handling a lot of different types of clients at the same time. So, they do not have the time to properly sit down and go through your case with you, in fact, in most cases, a court appointed attorney can only spend an average 15 minutes with you on your case, which is usually not enough, especially for more complicated cases. A private lawyer on the other hand, only has a few clients, and because of this lighter load, they are better able to discuss and understand your case, allowing them to come up with a better strategy and properly represent you in court.