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How to Scan Your Fingerprints

It is always better to know about something a person opts for. They say that we should have knowledge about everything we do, or for anything we pay for especially so that there are minimal chances of being conned. Knowledge is certainly powerful. How rare it is that companies these days actually care about the customers and tell them each and everything of the process their customers would have to go through when they avail their services.

For some people, this is a blessing in disguise as the introverts are usually shy and do not ask the employees and for some who like to know what they are doing, this is a blessing too. Similarly, Chula Vista Livescan is a blessing in disguise too. This article will explain to you how a finger scanning takes place.

Firstly, when there is ink finger scanning taking place, the fingers are cleaned using alcohol or any other cleaner substance. Then the fingers are rolled into a black inkpad and the ink is applied from finger nail to fingernail. It is then pressed against a special finger reader paper which is basically designed to read off finger prints or store it via a computer. This process is done individually for each finger. The paper is then verified with the prints, stamped from the authorized company which does it and then ready to be sent forward for the use. The process for digital Live Scan is similar. The fingers, each one of them, are rolled and pressed against but this time there is no ink and there is a scanner. The fingers are scanned by rolling them from nail to nail to cover the whole impression on a scanner and it simultaneously draws an accurate impression of the finger print digitally. There is no need for an ink and it is a faster method.