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Living With Arthritis

Those of us suffering from arthritis really have it rough in life, it can hurt to move and if you’re not careful, even being still at certain angles can put you in a world of pain and that’s precisely why arthritis patients have to be super careful about how they can support their joints and stimulate their pressure points in a way that makes it easier for them to manage their symptoms. Your joints will become inflamed if you aren’t careful where you sit or even lie down.

Fortunately though, there has been so much medical research done by professionals around the world to find ways to make it easier for arthritis patients to go about their days without pain. Adjustable beds were invented to better support the bodies of patients when they’re asleep so that they can get some rest with as little discomfort as possible.

Getting an adjustable bed alone won’t help fix the problem unless you’re also particular about the kind of mattress you put on said bed. An adjustable mattress like Purple Powerbase helps with arthritis because of the level of comfort it provides and because of its ability to be adjusted according to the position of the bed.

If you’re sleeping on a surface that’s been adjusted to put you in a certain sleeping position, chances are that the mattress beneath you might come in contact with your body with a little more pressure in some areas and that can restrict your blood flow. With a Purple Powerbase mattress though, your body remains nicely cushioned but the mattress isn’t going to interfere with your blood flow – in face the Purple Powerbase mattress is actually recommended by doctors because of how it helps improve your blood flow through a better sleeping position.