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Safe: Your Next Crime Thriller Show

It is not easy to create a good crime thriller show that can hold people’s attention, in fact, a lot of crime thriller shows start out really well, but then they start lagging and become boring to say the least. Shows like Hannibal and Luther are a great example of this. With so many shows coming out this summer, it is easy for a lot of gems to end up getting lost in the midst of things. Safe happens to be one of these shows. It is a Netflix original series, however if you do not have Netflix, you do not need to be discouraged because you can still find the show on 123 movies.

The cast includes our favorite serial killer Michael C. Hall from Dexter, Amanda Abington, Marc Warren and so on. The shows centers around Tom Delaney (Michael C. Hall), a father of two who is currently moving on from the shock of losing his wife a year ago and is starting a new relationship with Sophie Mason (Amanda Abington), however, the loss of his wife shakes his relationship with his 16 year old daughter Jenny. However, Jenny goes missing one night after attending a party along with her boyfriend who later turns up dead, so the 8 episodes revolve around Tom Delaney struggling to find his missing daughter, the process of which ends up unraveling a lot of secrets about the people living in the gated community they all resided in.

This show displays a Michael C. Hall we have never seen before, and once you adjust to his British accent, you will find that each episode of the show will have you at the edge of your seat, and scratching to know what happens next. With a twist in the ending, Safe is truly a great show for the summers.