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What Makes Electronic Cigarettes Different?

Electronic cigarettes are tube shapes cigarettes that work on batteries and come in various shapes such as pipes, normal cigarettes, or cigars. Some E-cigs can have nicotine in them, whereas a large amount of them are without any nicotine and just run on some flavors and chemicals. E-cigarettes use is rising between teens, and women due to their fancy shapes, and amazing fragrances.

History: The modern E-Cigarettes were invented by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik, in 2003. 90% of electronic cigarettes are still produced in China, but with the growing market ecig for herbs have been an active part in the industry. The e-cigarette aerosol is free from all the toxic chemicals found in tobacco smoke. The global use of e-cigarettes has increased exponentially especially in The United Kingdom and in The United States Of America.

There is no law for smoking electronic cigarettes, a majority of them are without nicotine. Thus, making them legal for all teens, and adults. This nature of E-cigs helps a lot of people to quit smoking. Many people shift from traditional cigarettes to electronics, because it helps create an illusion of smoking without actually harming lungs. The use of E-cigs has been applauded globally in therapy for quitting smoking. There have been a lot of theories, and methods introduced to help people with their nicotine addiction, but nothing has been quite as useful as E-cigs. The people who use electronic cigarettes are often called by the term “vapers”, the term itself is very cool. Don’t we all love producing smoke and being that cool kid who always smells like strawberries and cotton candy? You can now get electronic cigarettes in tons of cool shapes, and fun colors. And you would not even get into any trouble with your parents for smoking these, as they are not addictive and completely safe.