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What You Should Avoid Doing When Playing Basketball

Basketball is among my favourite games, and a game that I have been playing and following for as long as I remember. It all started when I first watched a basketball match and fell in love right away. However, it was only a matter of time when I actually started taking the game seriously; soon after that, basketball became a passion that I started chasing with full dedication.

That being said, I did try to perform the vince carter vertical but it was not that easy for me, because let’s admit it, I was trying to be Vince Carter – one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Speaking of that, if you are thinking about playing basketball, then there are some things that you should avoid doing whenever playing the game. Whether you are doing it on a larger scale, or a smaller one, it’s just something that players needs to know.

Losing Eye Contact

Basketball is one of the games that require you to have the best possible eye contact at all times. Yes, you need to know what the opponent is looking at, but aside from maintaining eye contact with the opponent, you also need to know where he might be taking the ball. Making basketball one of the most intense games.

Not Paying Attention to The Ball

This rule applies to every single player on the court, and I know it sounds tough but you need to ensure that you have your attention at the ball every moment. After all, you need to ensure that everything is being done properly. I know so many people who do play basketball, but do it selfishly. Remember, basketball is not about being selfish and scoring as many points, it requires real teamwork and dedication.