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All You Need to Know About Bubblers

There are many different ways in which you can smoke cannabis, a bubbler is one of them. It is a type of water pipe that falls under the category of bongs. Bubblers have a mouthpiece, a stem, bowl and a chamber that can hold water so that the smoke can travel through and is also cooled which contributes to a smooth hit. Some bubblers even feature an additional water chamber in order to further cool the smoke. You can even say that a bubbler is a hybrid between a bong and a pipe.

Portability And Availability

Bubblers are portable and small and you can bring them anywhere easily, however, you have to be very careful with them, especially if you have delicate glass models. There are many different places where you can purchase these bubblers, visit to view more about bubblers you can always.

Disadvantage of Bubblers

The main disadvantage of bubblers is their maintenance. They cannot be taken apart mostly because they lack removable parts which hinder in the cleaning process and it is also difficult to modify them.

Types of Bubblers

There are many different types of bubblers some of them are:

  • Hammer Bubblers: They have flat bottom chambers because of which they can be easily placed on top of flat surfaces.
  • Pendant Bubblers: These have creative designs and patterns and are threaded with a piece of string, this way they can be worn around your neck while fulfilling the purpose of jewelry as well as a cannabis smoking device.
  • Double Bubblers: They have two chambers which hold individual percolators and offers really smooth hits. The smoke that comes out of the mouthpiece is cool and buttery smooth.
  • Sherlock Bubblers: These resemble Sherlock pipes and feature a similar shape.