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Dribbling Drills

In this article we will talk about how you can improve your basketball game by focusing on the dribbling aspect of the game. For all intents and purposes, dribbling the ball around is the main way in which you are able to move around with the ball. It is important when you are moving around the court with the ball and is also very helpful if you are trying to evade the other players and out maneuver them to get to their basket and score some points. Dribbling in itself is not super hard. However, dribbling well can be a challenge for a lot of people.

Being able to beat other players, and even getting them to fall down while you are dribbling is a special skill that advanced level players have. Being really good at dribbling means you are able to throw your opponents off balance and leave them disoriented. Some of the greatest players ever were all master dribblers. Players like Muggsy Brouqes or Steph Curry are famous for moving about the court with their dribbling skills. So if you want to improve your own skills in this regard, you can follow the basketball dribbling tips in this article.

So the drill you should try to do if you are playing at a very basic level is the V dribble. This dribble uses both hands and can help you with your ball control and aim. What you do is use one hand to dribble the ball at an angle so that it goes directly to the other hand. Then use the other hand to drrible back to the first. You can start off slow and build up speed slowly until you are going lightning quick. If you manage to master this, then try doing the same thing behind your back.