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How to Protect The Web From Email Hoaxes?

The internet is filled with hackers and spammers always trying to get useful information to take advantage of. One click can lead to wastage of a lot of money and other useful information. This is very common these days as even big names such as Ebay, Vodafone, paypal, etc. fell victim to such viruses and spam emails. However it may not be easy to recognize a spam email, the hint is usually visible in the email address and can be recognized by looking closely and inspecting the name before clicking on it. Not just that, the same spam email address can be used to track the sender as the header of the address almost always gives away the sender address and the name of the server.

SPF Records For Protection of Email Addresses

One of the measures that can be taken to protect the email address from such viruses is by putting the SPF Record in the name servers. This makes the email address able to verify the sender address automatically. But this is only made possible if an SPF record exists in the name servers. More information about SPF records is available at

Take Any Measure That You Can to Protect Your Email Address

There aren’t any definite measures that can protect the email address form all kinds of spoofing but possible measures should be taken. The spam filter should be activated as it enables checking of the sender’s email through SPF records. It is necessary to create some mechanism by which the spam email is sent directly to the spam folder. For that, a spam folder needs to be in place. These are only some ways to protect the email address from such spam emails that can seriously harm.