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Vehicle Glass Protection

In this article we will be talking about the different types of damages that you can get in your windshield glass and what you should do about them. Surprisingly, a lot of people are quite unsure of what to do in these situations so we will also talk about some of the measures you can take to make sure that your car is safe in case your windshield is damaged.

First thing first, let us differentiate between cracks and chips. These are both the two types of minor damages that occur in your car windshield. The chip is the type of damage that comes from a singular point of impact. You may have seen these on a lot of windshields where there are lots of really small cracks are coming out of a single point in the shape of a circle, a half moon, a star break, or even a pit, if its deep. A common way to get these cracks is through falling debris. Cracks on the other hand are singular lines that will usually run horizontally on the windshield. These cracks can go from being a few inches long to going through the entire width of your windshield. The line may be straight or it could even be a wavy line of sorts.

Now while most people think the windshield is only there to stop the wind from coming in the car along with dust and debris, there is another safety measure that the windshield is vital for. The windshield holes up the sitting cabin and is responsible for about half of the structural integrity of the cabin. This is why it is wise to go to a Westchester County auto glass repair shop if you think the cracks or chips are too long or too deep for repair.