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What Makes Private Social Clubs Exclusive?

There was a time that social private clubs were all about cigar rooms, weird rituals, illegal business meetings and other dark meetings. Many of them still exist now but there are private clubs in the world that are all about luxury. Have you ever thought what makes them so private? Why are they exclusive?

You might be surprised to know that there are some clubs like Club Laurus that do not discriminate against anyone and have no insane requirements yet they offer all the perks to their members.

We know that there are not many clubs like so let us talk about the ones that are considered to be extremely private.


One thing that is commonly known about private clubs is that you can only enter if you give a huge sum of money and that is not wrong for most of the luxury clubs out there. It is no surprise that all of the exclusive clubs are full of wealthy people who can afford all the luxuries in the world.

Family Name

There is a tradition that is commonly observed by many of the private clubs that they prefer to have certain powerful and rich families in the club. It is not wrong to say that there is a certain nepotism that is practiced by most of the private luxury clubs in the world which is why they prefer members that have family names that are famous or have been around in the club for a long time.


Powerful people always have a place in private luxury clubs because these clubs wish to be seen as a strong community with members that have influence everywhere. The reason behind this is that it allows the club to grow strong and climb the ladder of success.